Maction Planet Apparel was born out of a desire to share our love of Tokyo through more than just our Tokyo Experiences

We bring the same ethos to our apparel as we do to our travel - to deliver uniqueness and quality befitting the World's Greatest Metropolis.  All designs are created by Maction Planet's in-house design team, inspired by the diverse experiences this great city offers.

Maction Planet Travel has been operating through word of mouth since 2006. In 2017, encouraged and persuaded by our guests, we expanded our reach with the goal of helping even more people experience the delights that Tokyo and Japan have to offer. Our passion for Tokyo is so large that it is difficult for us to articulate everything that we love about it! The people, the food, the efficiency, the safety, the culture, the mystery of the past side by side with the technology of the future... just some of the incredible depth found here! 

Maction Planet Apparel is designed to reflect this passion, so you can feel it and display it with pride... in Tokyo, and beyond.